Troubleshoot the Yahoo not receiving account key issue

Yahoo! Mail is online web service that provides a mode to communicate. Its users can send text, videos, images, and PDF using its service.  This is the perfect solution for formal communication. Mostly, people use email service for a formal purpose, where they send letterheads, certificates, interview letters, etc. during your experience, you perhaps find more feature or hidden features that make you send emails with ease. Moreover, Yahoo Mail offers 1000 GB of free cloud storage so people can save their files and other important documents on the online server.

If you’re facing a problem in your Yahoo! Mail account where you don’t get an account key-

First try these steps and if this doesn’t get resolved then follow another method.

Step 1: Allow or turn on Notifications- This can be possible that the notification setting is turned off thus, you’re not receiving the message on your screen.

Step 2: Request another notification- Click on Resend option to get an account if you don’t receive it in one time.

If still not getting an Account key follow these steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Navigate to the Sign-in page of Yahoo.

Step 2: Type your username and hit to the Next button.

Step 3: Click on the “Use text or email to sign in” a link or “try another way to sign in”.

Step 4: We recommend you to choose to try another way to sign in and then click on the submit button.

Step 5: If you have your recovery phone number with you, click on “yes, text me a verification code”.

Step 6: In case, you don’t have a number, you can select an alternative email address instead.

Step 7: Then enter that code in the required field and tap on continue to access your account.

Once you sign in to your account properly, with an alternative email address update your phone number.

Step 1: Go to the sign-in page and enter your email address and password.

Step 2: Click on sign in your Account info Page and hit to an existing number.

Step 3: Then tap on Add recovery phone number link.

Step 4: Edit the number or add a new contact number.

Step 5: Click on send SMS and enter verification code to confirm.

Step 6: At last tap on Verify to make changes.

For any further assistance, you can contact Yahoo Technical Support UK team and avail our services. We have a highly educated team of technicians who are at your service to ensure you the best possible solution. The team is hardworking and well skilled to deliver a reliable solution.