How to update the Gmail Application on Android?

If you are a Gmail user and want to enjoy all its amazing features then you need to remain updated. Gmail keeps bringing new features and updates to improvise their User’s experience. If you are using an outdated version of Android Gmail application then you are missing a lot of things. Using an older version may not keep your emails secure and won’t let you get the most out of Gmail. To update your application and know about the updates, dial Gmail Customer Care number or click here. The latest version of Gmail application will provide you the fastest performance, better security and new features like email blocking & also new formatting. Once you have updated the application by clicking the link given, you can use the details mentioned below to explore the changes:Secure your profile: Latest security fixes and alerts will be provided, together with:

Step 1: Secure your profile: Latest security fixes and alerts will be provided, together with:

Cautions when emails aren’t safe and sound
Warnings regarding the suspicious senders noticed/found
Enhanced authentication and synchronization

Step 2: Change fonts, colors & formatting: When you compose a message, tap Format and select a formatting option like bolding, italics or change the font color. Your email will look like it’s been sent using a computer.

Step 3: Block unnecessary emails: If you are receiving emails you do not want or just unnecessary for you, you can block them (senders) or simply unsubscribe from those emails.

Step 4: See all inboxes: If you included other profiles to the Gmail applications then you can check all the profiles in a single inbox. Let it be Yahoo or Hotmail, anytime you can add or remove it.

Step 5: Access Gmail attributes with other accounts: Get the features of your profile for Yahoo, Outlook or other non-Gmail profiles. To do so, you have to link your address and you can unlink it anytime you wish to.

To more about these features in-depth, you connect with our experts. If are unable to update the Gmail application or having trouble in understanding any new feature, our techies will guide you. Just pick your phone and dial Gmail Customer Number to reach our highly experienced technical squad. You will get the result-oriented and immediate answers to all the queries you raise.