How to Search Old Gmail Messages?

Gmail search operators are the most useful when you are looking for your old messages. It can help you to look for an exacting email in your inbox. As you keep receiving emails daily, the size of your inbox enlarges and it really becomes complicated to remember that the email you have are finding is still saved in inbox or not. In case you already saved thousands of emails, reading the subject line of every email and finding that particular message becomes difficulty. It can take your lot of time, so Gmail Support here provides a complete guide on Gmail search operators and some tips to find a specific email with very little efforts.

Search old Emails in Gmail

Find the emails sent by a particular user: You can always check emails sent by a one user. In order to seek out all the emails you got from a particular sender, enter from: sender in the Gmail search box. For example, you are looking for all messages sent by Mary then use from: John.

Search email sent to a particular user: Enter To: Sender in the search box to search all the email you sent to a particular user. For example, to find all messages sent by Liara use to: Liara.

Sort email by Subject: You can also explore a specific email thread. You just need to remember the subject line of the received email. In the Gmail search box, enter subject: the word. For example, if you are looking for an email that includes the word ‘document’ in the subject line then use subject: document.

Search email with Attachments: The attachment operator of Gmail can help you find all the email that contains attachments. It will find both the sent mail and the All mail folder for email having attachments. To find, use has: attachment in the search box.

Search for messages by Label: This one is a very useful operator. Hotmail users can use Labels and filters in their email account to organize the messages. The label operator allows such users to seek out for emails that include a label. You can enter from: sender label: label name. In case you are finding all messages which contain the label “School” and sent by “Jane”, use from: Jane label: school.

There are more other ways like you can search for messages containing exact phrases in the message body, a particular word or phrase, attachments in a selected label, email with a particular attachment, etc. Connect with technicians at Gmail Customer Service and get the oldest message in front of your eyes within in seconds. Our team is capable of resolving all other issues you might be facing while accessing your email account. Just give us a call and avail all the benefits.